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Mensajes de Jesķs, MarŪa y Dios el Padre - ON MOTHERíS DAY  394   12/5/1996   ON MOTHERíS DAY

The Heavenly Father:
My dear child, rejoice in this day celebrated in honour of all mothers. Let your spirit exult and cry out with joy to embrace with your love the woman who has been my instrument to give you life.
Let your love be poured out in torrents of thanksgiving for that mother who is the image of your Heavenly Mother.
Let your Spirit rise to the Mother of all Mothers, the Mother of Life, the Mother of my Son Jesus who is the Life of your soul.
Come to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Sacred Altar of Life, humble at her feet, because She has given you my Salvation.
Honour your earthly mother, but also honour in your Spirit your Heavenly Mother, the New Eve, the Mother of all my children.

Messages from Jesus

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