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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - INTERCESSION OF GOOD SOULS  404   5/22/1996   INTERCESSION OF GOOD SOULS

My child, you must care for the spiritual welfare of your brothers and sisters. They are so helpless without me. They are stranded in a desert of unfaithfulness and they need me badly. They have blinded themselves to look up to heaven, so they only look to themselves and to the world, their hands no longer reach out to heaven because they want to possess the earth, their hearts are true stones devoid of Love. Their minds are engrossed with materialism and pleasure. They have no room for God in their lives.
Can you see my child, why they need the intercession of good souls to pray for them? Reach out to them with the Love that you feel in your heart; don’t let them die to God. Pray for them.

Messages from Jesus

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