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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - COMMUNION WITH GOD  410   5/27/1996   COMMUNION WITH GOD

My child, it is truly a wonderful feeling of joy for a soul to enter into communion with God. I have created souls to be united to me, and for this reason they will leave everything behind and will come forth to meet their God who loves them.
My Love is irresistible for the soul that discerns my Presence. My attraction is so strong that the flesh will yield eventually to the Power of the Spirit in utter humility.
My Love is eternal and it makes souls eternally blessed by my Salvation.
Oh what a wonder from Heaven that has come to the world, what a blessing and grace, that you, mere dust have the privilege of being raised to my Light; can you see my child, why only God is Good? Can you discern all the goodness that I have in store for those who love me? Can you perceive the infinite Grace that I have placed before you?
Come my dear soul, I am waiting….

Messages from Jesus

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