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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - BE FIRM BUT MERCIFUL  411   5/28/1996   BE FIRM BUT MERCIFUL

During the Holy Mass I was worried about problems of jealousy that are arising with the people in one prayer group, I asked the Lord for his counsel.

My child, you must discern your problems with the Light of the Holy Spirit. At times you have to be firm and shake the dust off your robe in a sign of protest.
People are stubborn and jealous, and some allow themselves to be used by the tempter. For this you must pray to the Holy Spirit and you must cast the devil from their souls in silence.
Gentleness is very important in these matters, because only one word is enough to provoke someone who has something against you.
Forgive them my child, be firm but merciful, and remember that you are doing all this for me. When you use correction do it with Love.
I love you.

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 Messages from Jesus - BE FIRM BUT MERCIFUL