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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - TO UNDERSTAND THE HOLY TRINITY  416   2/6/1996   TO UNDERSTAND THE HOLY TRINITY

Trinity Sunday.

My dear child, I speak to you from the heart of the Trinity that has been revealed to you: From the heart of the Father that has been manifested to you through my Incarnation, from His Love that beats in every heart as the Holy Spirit.
My dear child, you have been created for the Glory of God. You are his temple, for this reason the Holy Spirit moves you to love and to accept God in your life through me, His Son.
To understand the Holy Trinity, you must become humble as my mother and you must be ready to be filled with God, your Saviour.
It is only then that you can embrace and love with great intensity the Father who has created you, the Son who has redeemed you and the Holy Spirit who keeps you alive and fills you with the fire of Love.
When your temple is filled with the Holy Trinity, you enter into perfect unity with God, for this reason, your body, your mind and your soul must be cleansed and be perfect as the temple of my Glory, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Holy Throne of the Most Holy Trinity.

Messages from Jesus

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