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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - MAKE TIME FOR ME  419   5/6/1996   MAKE TIME FOR ME

My child, never fail me with your daily prayers. The sun shines daily in your life and your receive my benefits. I never fail you.
I want to receive your praise and adoration daily, no matter how you feel. Actually it is when you are really exhausted that your efforts become like gold, because they are the fruit of your sacrifice for me. I don’t expect eloquent words from you and you don’t have to impress me, you simply have to come, because I am expecting your visit very anxiously.
Your love is like a balm that soothes my wounds, since the majority of people ignore me and have turned away from me. Your prayers are reparation prayers and for this reason you must never give in to your physical tiredness or to your schedule. Make time for me my child, after all I deserve it, … don’t I?….
My child help to pay for the indifference of this world by remaining very close to my heart; help them to receive my Mercy with your constant prayers.
Never give up in your constancy because the times belong now to the evil one and it is only by the dedication of good souls that he will be neutralised and vanquished forever.
Stay with me my child.

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