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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - DO TO GOD AS HE DOES TO YOU  421   7/6/1996   DO TO GOD AS HE DOES TO YOU

My dear child, I asked Peter three times if he loved me, I also ask everyone if they love me and I assure you that I love them more than you can ever imagine.
I am Love. Love is kind and patient, so I dont judge your mistakes but I wait for your repentance, I never turn away from you even if you sin and despise me. I am your Father, the one who loves you and wants to have you by my side always. I am Love, a love that is rejected to give way to self love or egoism, a love that is rejected by pride.
How can a creature survive without my Love? Well, it is impossible, therefore I love you all regardless of how much you love me, and yet, I am expecting the return for my Love which is Love itself.
Love is my Light which is reflected upon you, I see you and I want you to see me in that Light; therefore you must be moved to thanksgiving for all the good that you have received.
People are thankful to all who help them and serve them, but who has loved you and served you more than me? So where is your thanksgiving, where is your praise? Where is your return for my Love?
Why dont you practice the golden rule with me? Do to God as He does to you, do to others as you would like them to do to you.

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 Messages from Jesus - DO TO GOD AS HE DOES TO YOU