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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - INVISIBLE AND YET SO REAL  423   9/6/1996   INVISIBLE AND YET SO REAL

Solemnity of Corpus Christi

My dear child, especially on this Holy Feast, I have words and gifts for you. The greatest gift that has come down from Heaven is my body and blood which is the food for your soul. I have no greater gift to give you for your salvation than my sacrifice on the cross out of my Love and Mercy for you.
When you receive the consecrated host, or drink of the consecrated chalice, you are receiving me; you are entering into the mystery of your salvation which happened in Calvary and that is being offered once more in the sacrifice of the Mass.
I am truly present in my Divinity in this sacrament, invisible and yet so real.
Because you are not ready to see me as yet and because you need my purification, I have come to wash the stains of your sins, I have come to give life to your soul eternally; I have come to prepare you for everlasting life through this sacrament of glory, my eternal covenant with humanity for their salvation and sanctification.
Receive me humbly my child, with tears in your eyes for your sins, and know that I am raising you, mere dust and ashes to the Light of my Divinity.
I love you my child, pray for your blood to be pure like my blood, for your soul to be pure like mine and thus you will be my worthy tabernacle. I love you my child and I look at you with Mercy from the cross. I bless you.

Messages from Jesus

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