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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - PETER THE ROCK  443   6/29/1996   PETER THE ROCK

Solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul

My child, who do you say that I am? Will you answer like Peter, acknowledging me as the Christ and as the Son of the Living God? Will you accept me and testify that I am your Lord, your God, your Saviour, your Way, your Truth and your Life?
This is the answer that I have received from my true apostles and disciples, this is the truth that must be proclaimed to all nations, this is your mission as children of God, to believe and to accept the One that God has sent you.
Simon son of John received a new name “ Peter which means stone “ because He became the perfect foundation for my Church.
Everyone of you has to be transformed and receive the new name of Children of God, you must become living stones united in the Holy Building of my One and Only Church, the treasurer of the Truth, the continuation of my Sacred Humanity, the Catholic Church, which holds the Supremacy of Peter the Rock through my Vicar the Pope.
My child, it is my Father in Heaven who has revealed these things to you through the Holy Spirit and who calls all those who are to be members of my Mystical Body the Church.
It is my Eucharistic Blood which keeps this body alive and united in the Faith of Peter for whom I prayed personally for this purpose.
My child, acknowledge and defend my Church, even with your own life, because whatever you do for my church, you are doing for me.
My Church will be glorified very soon with the Power of the Holy Spirit to give witness to all the nations that God is truly there, in the breaking of the bread, in the forgiveness of sins, in the witnessing of my Word and in the proclamation of my death and resurrection.
I am Emmanuel, God with you, in the Holy Bread of Life that you find in my Church.
I am the Love of the Father, I love you all.

Messages from Jesus

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