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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - IDOLATRY IS A VERY GRAVE SIN  444   6/30/1996   IDOLATRY IS A VERY GRAVE SIN

My child, come confidently to speak before my Sacred Heart that waits for you anxiously. I am forever thirsty for the love of my souls. I rejoice at the sweet voice of those who love me, I receive comfort through your care for me. I am your God, your Joy and I am delighted to be in the Presence of my children, my little creations, the precious work of my hands.
I rejoice at the sound of Praise and Thanksgiving, I arise from my Throne and stoop down to pick up the lowly and humbly souls who repent and seek me.
But I am very indignant with the indifference of this humanity that has rejected me by having so many false gods.
Idolatry is a very grave sin committed by those who find their joy in the things that are created and not in me their Creator.
I have spoken to them time and time again but they are deaf to my words.
So instead of my Joy they will receive my anger, instead of my eternal light they will live in eternal darkness, instead of the gift of everlasting life they will receive everlasting punishment away from my Presence.
They have seriously offended me and they have rejected my Mercy.
I wait patiently just a little bit longer, so this is the time when only through the Intercession of my Mother and of other good souls they can still be saved while my graces are still available.
Pray my child for them; spend the rest of your life as a victim of my love in reparation for their faults. Obtain my Mercy for them through your perseverance and become an instrument of their salvation.
I love you my child.

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