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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - GRACES TO THE HUMBLE OF HEART  451   7/7/1996   GRACES TO THE HUMBLE OF HEART

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the graces that you have given me, specially for being able to listen to you. Lord, I need you, speak to my heart, please love me and respond to my call.

My dear child; let me respond to your call. I am the Lord your God, who responds to the humble call of my little ones. I oppose the proud of heart but I rejoice and grant my graces to the humble of heart.
Be meek and humble of heart, be my instrument of Peace. Radiate the light of your Love to all those around you. Be the Light of my Justice and treat everyone with Mercy and compassion. Be patient and kind; let your spirit be my Spirit so that you can reveal my Presence in you to others.
My child, be my docile instrument of Love and open your heart to the physical and spiritual needs of my children.
Cultivate this relationship with me by your constant adoration in spirit and in truth.
Be my strong Light in this world of darkness and listen to my voice daily because the voices of this world are the perdition of souls.
I bless you my child with the Light of my Gospel.

Messages from Jesus

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 Messages from Jesus - GRACES TO THE HUMBLE OF HEART