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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - HEAR ME  460   7/16/1996   HEAR ME

My dear child, I bless your heart so that you can hear me in the deepest part of your being. I have given you this particular gift so that you may grow in faith, confidence and love for me.
Don’t neglect this gift that is for your salvation and for the salvation of many other souls.
I am always anxious to speak to you, if you only stopped and came to me. I have much to tell you. Ah.. if you only listened to me daily, oh.. if you could get rid of so many unwanted things for your soul and dedicate yourself entirely to listen to me.
My Counsel is great and you should come to me many times during the day with deep reverence to be fed with my Word.
I appreciate prayer and praise, I love thanksgiving and worship, I rejoice at the love that you give me. But Love is a two way relationship and you must put aside more time to listen to me. Besides the words that you are given in the morning after your daily mass, you must be open many times during the day to receive my instructions.
This kind of prayer is very appealing to me because in this way I can give you more and more. I love to give and it is your privilege to be able to receive.
So come to me my child, receive plenty from my store of Goodness and Wisdom.
Everything that I have is yours, so come to know me better, come to be more acquainted with me because I am the Love of your life.
I love you my child. Come to me more often. Love.

Messages from Jesus

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