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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - INVOKE THE POWER OF MY HOLY NAME  475   7/30/1996   INVOKE THE POWER OF MY HOLY NAME

My dear child, have always present in your mind the Power of my Holy Name. Ask me to deliver you for the Glory of my name and for the sake of my Kingdom.
Invoke the Power of my Holy Name to cast out the evil spirits that plague human beings. Be steadfast in your Trust, in your faith and in your love for me.
The great spiritual battle of the end of times is on. Persevere my child with the perseverance of the saints right to the very end.
The devil is doubling his attacks on you and on every soul consecrated to my Name. He seems to be victorious in a world that has forsaken God.
But I am who I am, a Powerful God, the God of the humble of heart, I wont let you down if you put all your trust in me.
This is the time of my harvest, when all the good souls are receiving my Holy Spirit in a very powerful way to become the light for those who live in darkness.
Increase your prayers and hold your stronghold in my Presence. As weak as you may seem, I accompany your with my strength. I am your Protection and your guide during these difficult times.
Stay with me and with my Mother in these decisive moments of the life of this humanity.
Your prayers are needed, and I ask you to multiply them, I ask you to turn away as much as possible from the distractions of this world.
Enter into the refuge of my Presence and let the fire of my Love keep you burning with desire for me and not for anything else.
Remain in my Love now that things are so serious, and dont pay attention to the suggestions of the devil either consciously or in your dreams.
Maintain your mind purified by invoking my Precious Blood to cleanse your body, mind and soul.
I love you my child.

Messages from Jesus

Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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