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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - BECOME A LIVING HOST  476   7/31/1996   BECOME A LIVING HOST

My child, you who adore me and acknowledge me present in your soul, you who are being purified with my priestly blood. I accept your offerings with great Love, I rejoice at the sound of your voice whispering Love to me.
I desire that you become a living host, a living chalice, a living altar, a living tabernacle of my Eucharistic Presence.
My child, these are the times of the great apostasy predicted in the second book of Thessalonians, these are the times of the abolition of the daily sacrifice as predicted by the Prophet Daniel.
The Sacrifice of the Holy Mass is not being taken seriously by many of my consecrated souls.
But you have to make reparation, even in your own small way by being a living sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to me.
Pray my child without ceasing, don’t allow the enemy to distract you but maintain your gaze on my Presence.

Messages from Jesus

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