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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - WHY DO THEY REJECT ME?  480   4/8/1996   WHY DO THEY REJECT ME?

My dear child, I keep calling, I keep knocking, I keep inviting you all to come to me the Source of Life and Goodness.
There are many miseries in this world that you can avoid when you come to me.
My Way is not easy but it is the way of salvation, the path to everlasting glory.
I shine my Light on the darkness of this world, only to be rejected, I have opened my fountain of life and I have invited everyone to have the Joys of Heaven in me but the world is blinded by the seductions of temporal pleasures and possessions.
Why do they reject me?
My Love continues to fill all those who come humbly to me; this fountain will never be extinguished because I am Love.
Don’t let anything come between us.
I love you.

Messages from Jesus

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 Messages from Jesus - WHY DO THEY REJECT ME?