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Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - ebook

Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - ANGELIC AND DIVINE EXISTENCE  482   6/8/1996   ANGELIC AND DIVINE EXISTENCE

My dear child, with the Light of my transfigured body I shine upon you daily to make you grow in holiness.
I shine my love on you my creature to raise you to my divine dwellings, I lead you step by step so that you remain in my way and don’t perish.
I am the great witness of God the Father Almighty.
All Power, Glory and Sovereignty has been granted to me your Christ.
I have the Power to transfigure your wretched mortal existence into the angelic and divine existence of the Children of God.
Kneel with fear and trembling like the apostles did before me when they realised who was before them.
I am the Lord your God, the Almighty, the One who has the Power to create, to rule, to save or to destroy.
Retain in your mind the image of my transfigured body as the mirror in which you will gaze into eternal life.
Let your life be transfigured daily by my food of Word and Sacrament.
Live to absorb the Light of my Presence, live to be saturated by my Love and Mercy.

Messages from Jesus

Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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