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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - SHINING MY LIGHT  5      SHINING MY LIGHT

Come to me in your darkness to be filled with my light, I assure you that when you leave my presence, you will be shining my light, so that you may shine to others who are in darkness.
Be my bridge, the instrument by which I will touch others.

I ask you,
Love me with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your strength.
Open your heart and let me fill you with my spirit of love, peace, joy and truth.
Allow me to be the king of your life.
Make humility the foundation of your temple; decorate your walls with virtues.
Praise me and thank me for all that I do for you.
Acknowledge me all the time.
See me in my creation, see me in everyone and rejoice.
Accept me in others; remember my presence in them.
Come into my presence with reverence, bring an offering of thanksgiving, enter my courts with praise.
Remember your nothingness, acknowledge your sins and accept me as your Saviour.
Delight in my presence, do my will joyfully.
Open your ears to my word; open your eyes to my greatness.
See through my spirit.
Open your mouth to praise me. Use your tongue to bless; bless me and your brothers.
Allow your hands to be my hands, your feet to be my feet, your mind to be my mind. Let your heart be my heart, my place of rest, my heaven.
Invite me often to be with you, welcome me without fear.
Open your physical and spiritual wounds to my healing.
Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray for others.
Unite yourself to me and become an instrument of reparation for your sins and the sins of others.
Unite yourself strongly to my mystical body the church, to my heart: the holy Eucharist the blood and life of your soul, to my soul: the Holy Spirit.
Be generous as I am generous. Imitate my holiness and my perfection.
Pray from the heart, pray to my mother and she will shine the light of our grace on you.
Make your life an act of praise and thanksgiving. Let me be your praise, your love and your adoration.
Be my docile instrument of peace, love, joy, mercy, and healing
I am all yours… be mine.

Messages from Jesus

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