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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - BEING ONE WITH YOUR GOD  526   9/18/1996   BEING ONE WITH YOUR GOD

The Heavenly Father:
My dear child, today live your life with great humility, as one who has nothing to give but so much to receive.
Pride has destroyed the good of so many souls; it has robbed the sacred place that belongs to me.
You must live your life to do reparation for all the desecration that has been done to humility.
The Kingdom of Heaven is at home in the hearts of the humble and you must try your hardest to overcome all your pride. Humble yourself to the very dust; recognize that by yourself you are nothing, that I am all the Power, the Wisdom and the Love that rules your life.
Allow me to take possession of your will by loving my commandments, by practicing charity, by perfecting the Love that you feel in your heart.
Don’t seek any goal in your life being stronger than that of possessing me, of being One with your God who is Love.
Breath Love, live Love, be consumed by my Love and become what I have created you to be; my Son. I love you.

Messages from Jesus

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