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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - SINCERE ACKNOWLEDGMENT  536   9/27/1996   SINCERE ACKNOWLEDGMENT

Friday Night prayer meeting (prophecy)

The Heavenly Father:
My dear children,
You have come to pray, to praise and to love me and also to manifest your love for one another.
Today I want to complain to you because many of you are neglecting to praise me and to thank me your Creator for all the things that come into your lives.
I have given you life; I have given you all the things that you need, so I have given you everything.
People praise one another for their achievements, they thank one another for the good things they receive, many seek to be honoured and praised and to be raised with flattery.
I only expect your humble and sincere acknowledgment, but not many come to praise me and to thank me for the things they receive from me. I bless all those who remember me and who praise me for what I am.
I love you all my children.

Messages from Jesus

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