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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - MY GREATEST GIFT TO YOU  552   12/10/1996   MY GREATEST GIFT TO YOU

My dear child, I have given you my Mother to be your mother; She is my greatest gift to you.
She is my most perfect creation, the apple of my eye, the chain that binds you back to me.
In my mother dwell the humility, the purity and the obedience that accomplishes the Perfect Will of God. She has become like me in all perfections because She has listened, She has obeyed and because She has merited to be raised from the lowliness of a mere creature to the greatness of being the Mother of God.
She is the mirror of my perfections and I want you to see yourself in that mirror until you also become like Her.
My child, to enter Heaven you must be pure and holy, you must become a heavenly citizen.
Your faith in me saves you; your faith in my Mother sanctifies you as you look at me through her eyes, as you know me intimately by knowing her, as you serve me diligently by serving her.
Listen to my Mother who places you in the Holy Road of my Presence and escorts you to my Heavenly Paradise.
Trust in my Mother as a little child trusts in his mother.
Love my mother to perfect your love for me.
I love you my Son.

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 Messages from Jesus - MY GREATEST GIFT TO YOU