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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - MANIFESTATIONS OF MY WILL  566   10/26/1996   MANIFESTATIONS OF MY WILL

My dear child, I am a God of surprises, I know everything and I know things in advance. I prepare situations, events, and people to suit the purposes of my Will.
Everything is under my control and yet, I allow the will of man to be free for the purposes of my plan for everyone of you.
My child, have complete confidence in me as a patient who comes to the doctor placing the hope of his recovery in him.
I am your Heavenly Doctor; it is by my afflictions that you suffer and by my Will that I make you well again.
Your sufferings are the greatest source of healing and endurance that you can find on earth.
From them you find that I purify you, that you grow in the virtues of humility, patience, trust, surrender and many others.
My child, because I love you I permit afflictions to fall upon you. I was afflicted myself so that you could be saved.
Let the manifestations of my Will, be the road that you can walk on safely.
I love you my child.

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