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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - IN MY BLOOD  578   7/11/1996   IN MY BLOOD

My dear child, think of the meaning of the word blood; blood is life. Think of my Precious Blood, it is the source of life for every soul.
In my Blood you find the infinite gift of life that has come from the Love of the Father.
In my Blood you find the Infinite Mercy of God, shed for the forgiveness of your sins with so much Love.
In my Blood you continue to be nurtured daily in the Sacrament of my Covenant as you receive me in the Holy Eucharist.
In my Blood your soul finds the supernatural strength of your faith, the drive of the Spirit to be united to me.
My dear child; those who appreciate the true value of my Precious Blood have found the Precious Pearl of the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who worship my Precious Blood receive a beautiful white garment of the purest Light which comes from the core of the Holy Trinity.
Those who treasure my Precious Blood and show the holy reverence that my Blood deserves are my dearest souls, close to me in a communion of Spousal Love.
My Grace flows abundantly from my Precious Blood, whenever it is offered with sincere love.
My child, when you offer my Precious Blood to the Heavenly Father in atonement for sins, you are performing a priestly role, you become a member of my Royal Priesthood consecrated by your faith.
My child, in proportion to your faith, reverence and love to my Precious Blood, will you receive if you ask.
I love you my child.

Messages from Jesus

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