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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - LIVE FOR THE SPIRIT  582   11/11/1996   LIVE FOR THE SPIRIT

My dear child, live for the Spirit, your invisible God who is so powerful, loving and full of wisdom.
My child, believe in what your heart is giving you daily, because in a very humble way I speak to you and to every soul.
I have manifested my Omnipotence and the result is the witness of my material and spiritual creation. I have manifested my Wisdom and it leads you to know me, I have manifested my Love in so many ways that it grows as a humble seed peacefully in every heart.
Become very little my child and stretch the hands of your spirit to embrace me, expand your little heart to love all your brothers and sisters, let your mind be occupied with the sublime thoughts of knowing, loving and serving God.
Do not restrict your spirit, because it is the same as restricting me.
If you deny the action, the persuasion and the Love of my Spirit, you lose your faith and you stay bound to this material and temporal world. But if you open yourself and surrender to the holy manifestation of the Spirit you will be set free to soar to the heights of my Presence, you will enter into communion with the heavenly spirits and you will reach me with your love.
My child, be very spiritual and detach yourself as much as possible of the influence of the world.
Welcome my Spirit of Freedom.

Messages from Jesus

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