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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - BECOME LIKE ME  587   11/16/1996   BECOME LIKE ME

My dear child, learn how much, prayer and desire can achieve for you if you persevere. How strong your love is when you unite it to the Love of God, how powerful your attack to the enemies of God is when you use the Powers of Love of the Holy Spirit within you, how powerful your prayer is when you have faith.
My child, to know me is to possess the Power of God, to know me is to be the charitable hand of God, to serve me is to become my hands and to reach with my Love into every heart.
My child, I have made you in my image. To be holy is to become like me, it is to let my image shine through the light of your love for your neighbour.
Love my child, never stop loving, never stop projecting my Presence to my whole creation because this is my Glory: that you become like me.

Messages from Jesus

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