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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THIS IS HOLINESS  60      THIS IS HOLINESS

In bed, praying before going to sleep.

You must become nothing before me. It is only when you empty yourself totally, when you dispossess yourself of everything that you call yours, when you see yourself in total darkness; that I can see your total humility.
Then I can come and fill you with my light and I can use you completely as my instrument. Then you will feel my Power within you, you will receive my Wisdom and you will be my Love for others.
Deny yourself, annihilate yourself for my sake. Just as a tree produces fruit for others, you will produce fruit to bring others to me, but only through me.
This is holiness, letting me take command of your life and living for Me only.

Two hours later approximately.
I come to nothings. ( The voice of the Lord woke me up) . With me in them they become something. They become saints.

Messages from Jesus

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