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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - A VERY SPECIAL DAY  607   6/12/1996   A VERY SPECIAL DAY

My dear child, every Friday is a very special day to venerate my Sacred Heart because this is the day of my Passion and death.
On this day I grant special graces to those who go out of their ordinary devotions and who present me acts of Penance and Reparation. I am most pleased with the good works done on Fridays.
My child, you know how important it is to pray for your brothers and sisters, so implore my Divine Mercy often for their salvation, implore the assistance of my Mother in reparation of all that is lacking in you and in all creation. Remain in your steadfast love as we remain loving you. Jesus and Mary.

Messages from Jesus

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 Messages from Jesus - A VERY SPECIAL DAY