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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE SACRIFICE OF ISAAC  645   12/1/1997   THE SACRIFICE OF ISAAC

Just at the last moment I told Abraham to stop the sacrifice of Isaac; this was the ultimate test of the faith for this man who would be without descendants if He had gone ahead with the sacrifice.
Abraham was justified in his faith, in his confidence and in his love for me when he proved to love me beyond his love for his son.
My child; true love for God is true love for my Will; it is true love for all the plans that God prepares for you to follow.
In other words, Obedience to my will is what accounts as true love and true faith.
This is a difficult thing to understand because the love of man is contaminated with self love, with the complacency of his desires.
To love me perfectly you must love me for what I am and not for what I can give you.
I am exceedingly rich, the author and giver of everything, I want to share myself in love but not many understand that they must love the giver instead of the gifts.
Love me as I am, not counting how much I can give you but rather see how much you can give me.
Love is glorified, when it is given, so love everyone and glorify me this way.
Receive all the love you can place in your heart and rejoice my child.

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