Messages from Jesus
Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - ebook

Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE SANCTUARY OF SILENCE  652   1/19/1997   THE SANCTUARY OF SILENCE

My dear child; if today you hear my Word, harden not your heart. I have come to speak to you; will you always keep that attitude of willingness to listen to me?
Humble yourself daily and come like Samuel. May my Word be the most precious thing that you will listen to during the day.
My child, there are so many voices in this world, robbing your attention from my Word, there are so many voices enticing your body to entertainment, dissipation and the complacency of the senses; my child, even the enemy speaks within you trying to erase the good I have given you.
My child, I am the Word of God, listen to me; allow me to saturate your heart and your mind with my Love. Allow me to be the only Word that you want to listen to.
Come my child daily to the voice of the Holy Spirit within you, turn away from the noise of the world, come to the Sanctuary of Silence in your heart and receive me daily in Word and in Sacrament.
I give you my Word, I love you.

Messages from Jesus

Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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