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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - COVER YOURSELF WITH LOVE  659   1/26/1997   COVER YOURSELF WITH LOVE

My dear child, today, I will tell you what is in my heart: LOVE.
Love is the heart of Creation because everything exists by the Power of Love, you live because I am the life of your heart; you will live eternally because you receive my Precious Blood which is the life of your soul.
My child, my heart is full of Merciful Love which I poured out with my suffering for your salvation. Come to this infinite fountain of Precious Blood in my Sacramental Presence of the Holy Eucharist.
Cover yourself with the Love of my heart and live, cover every situation, every need, every person with my Love, bathe them with my Precious Blood and I will make everything new in my Holy Spirit.
I bless you my child.

Messages from Jesus

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 Messages from Jesus - COVER YOURSELF WITH LOVE