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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE LIGHT THAT SHINES FOREVER  666   2/2/1997   THE LIGHT THAT SHINES FOREVER

My dear child, you have come to my temple today to witness in the gospels about the Presentation of my Sacred Humanity to the Holy Trinity and to the world as the Light that shines forever.
My child, I am Light, not just the ordinary light that allows you to see the material world but the Light that opens the eyes of the soul to see with the eyes of God: in Justice, Truth, Peace and Love.
Open your eyes and contemplate everything in my Light, live to give testimony of this Light of Revelation, be a living candle shining the Light of my Salvation to the world.
I came to the temple in such humility that only those moved by the Holy Spirit could perceive the great coming of the Messiah.
It is only by the acceptance of the call of the Holy Spirit that you may now also accept this Saviour of the world in your heart; it is only by that submission in your faith that you can be justified and speak like the Prophet and Priest Simeon:
Master, you may take my life now, because my eyes have seen the Salvation of the world.

Messages from Jesus

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