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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - INCREASE YOUR LOVE FOR ME  673   9/2/1997   INCREASE YOUR LOVE FOR ME

My dear child, nothing would destroy our relationship because it is founded on my Love and signed as a covenant with my blood.
Dear little soul, increase your Love for me at any cost to you, don’t think that there is a sacrifice too big that you shouldn’t do it for me.
This time of the year (Lent) is a call from the Church to a change of life, to a move to repentance, to sincere acknowledgment of my Passion and death and to your redemption.
My call is received with very cold ears because this world is entangled in the web of selfishness which beats it with the fury of the demons.
My dear child, the solution to all problems is prayer from the heart that leads you to repentance and to acknowledgment of the great mysteries of your salvation.
Persevere my child, and come to share in the rewards that I have prepared in my Love.

Messages from Jesus

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 Messages from Jesus - INCREASE YOUR LOVE FOR ME