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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - LIVE BY MY WORD  694   2/3/1997   LIVE BY MY WORD

At the prayer meeting Friday Night:
You find me in the silence of your heart … not in the opinion of people but in my opinion.

My dear child, live by my Word, allow the food of my Wisdom to be the food for your soul and spirit.
Be very faithful to every word that I have said because you will be judged by your obedience to my Word.
My child, the apostasy so long ago predicted is before your eyes and ears, people don’t treasure what is precious and has come from heaven, they treasure their own intellectual and material creations.
As for you my son, I ask you to remain a child and to continue bowing your head to the Almighty God in utter humility.
It is not your thoughts, your ideas, your works or your doings what count before me, it is everything that I give you and how you react to my gift.
Personally you have nothing to offer me, except submission to my Will.
Listen to me my child and live forever with me.

Messages from Jesus

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