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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - SPIRITUAL DEAFNESS  708   3/16/1997   SPIRITUAL DEAFNESS

My dear child, I am here.
Feel my Presence of Love in your heart.
Feel how much I have loved you since I have made myself now a part of you. My Precious Blood is in your soul and I am sharing my Peace with you, you are being purified to be worthy to stand before the Throne of God. My child, my love is true love, a love that seeks to unite you to me so that you can be like me, so that you can share my eternal life.
My child, I call everyone with the tears and the pain that I suffered on the cross, I call them with my cries, with my abandonment to the Will of the Father as I received the punishment merited by your sins.
I continue to call daily until you either hear me or reject me forever.
Pray my child for this spiritual deafness to be healed by my Word. Pray for my Spirit to bring the light of the Truth to every soul, pray my child that I have Mercy on all those who reject me today the same as when I was hanging on the cross.
My Love and my Mercy be always with you.

Messages from Jesus

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