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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - GRAVE SPIRITUAL MESS  737   4/14/1997   GRAVE SPIRITUAL MESS

My dear child, you live in a chaotic world, which is not of my creation but the consequence of sin and rebellion.
This whole world is in a grave spiritual mess because my people have turned away from me. It is as if I look at a pile of dung, but my joy is to see some little flowers blossoming and thriving in the middle of all this. To them I turn my merciful gaze with my encouragement. They are producing the fruit of the spirit and in the stench of the world they proudly bring the fragrance of Christ as the light of my gospel.
My child, you must live for my gospel, you must be my direct strong message to everyone you see, set your example of faith before others, glorify your creator who delights in the beauty of a simple little flower, because this is how I see those who love.

Messages from Jesus

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