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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD  750   4/27/1997   I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD

My dear child, whom would you turn to when I have the words of eternal life? Where would you go to in your thirst when I am the Good Shepherd leading you to the everlasting water of life.
My little lamb, you are in my hands, and you are precious to me, I want to direct your life and save you from the many perils of this world, I am the Way that you must follow to be saved.
My child, my concern for everyone is beyond your comprehension, a good father cares for his children, and I, being the Lord your God, want the best for every one of you.
I ask you my child to pray for your brothers and sisters, because many of their own free will have run away from my protecting and loving hand. They need to be rescued and this is where intercessory prayer plays a big role. This kind of prayer touches my heart and releases my Mercy because it has the power to move my will into action. I respect the dignity of the free will that I have given to every man, but prayer opens a way to Grace. My child, look to me your Good Shepherd and live your life to imitate me by caring for my sheep. I care for you all. Amen.

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 Messages from Jesus - I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD