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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - YOU ARE ONLY A CHILD  79      YOU ARE ONLY A CHILD

Dreams: I dreamt that I was kneeling, digging out rotten human remains from a shallow grave with my bare hands, and that an executive woman was ordering me to do it.
Then I dreamt that I was at the altar with Father...N. He was asking the congregation to sing a song, while he was pressing me with his back against the wall and crushing me. I looked at my shirt and it was my work shirt and it was dirty.
Previous nights dream. I was in a strange land, suddenly many different kinds of reptiles began to bite my legs: snakes and lizards.
Then after mass I was telling the Lord about my recent attacks from the devil in my dreams, and also I was being tempted into wondering about what good these messages were to bring. I was asking the Lord for a sign, I said Lord I believe, but somehow I doubt, help my unbelief.

The Lord answered me:
Dont despair my child; understand that you are only a child, and that you are growing... but only at my pace.

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