Catholic Prayers: requests, intercession, healing, petitions, intentions. 

Catholic Prayers: request, intercession, healing, petitions, intentions. Prayer HousePrayer requestChoose your prayerintercessionTestimony of the power of prayers


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Intercessions - healing - requests

intercession You may desire to pray alone; lots of prayers to choose from,
cross.gif (837 bytes) Perhaps you have a request for healing , or
cross.gif (837 bytes) You may want to share your testimony.
But I have no time to p r a y

We can add your name to our confidential list or you may desire to share in the prayers of others or you can send your request . If you want to know more try our:

*   Treatise on P r a y e r   *

 The Work of God

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Communicate with God, trust in Him and humbly leave your request in his  healing  hands.

Our Apostolate is dedicated to  p r a y e r  and  intercession , since this is the way that we can reach God and obtain the blessings we need. We would live in a better world if could start and finish our day with a   p r a y e r !

Catholic Prayers: request, intercessions, healing, petitions