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Come Holy Spirit 2 - Treasury of Prayers, Catholic inspirations, meditations, reflexions Come Holy Spirit 2

Author: Joseph of Jesus and Mary
Come Holy Spirit 2 - Treasury of Prayers, Catholic inspirations, meditations, reflexions

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Come Holy Spirit, fire of divine love, embrace my mind and my heart with your fiery Presence.
Come Holy Spirit, divine breath. Put me in your presence of Light. Penetrate every cell of my being and shine your intense light. Dispel the darkness of my soul.

Divine Splendour, heal me of my spiritual blindness. Open my eyes so that I can see with the light of your vision. Shine your light on my path, let me see the way You see.

Holy Spirit, Living Word, fill me with the fire of your Word. make my heart burn with your Wisdom and Knowledge. Show me how You see me and also show me how You are. Show me all things.

Divine fire from on high, anoint my lips and purify them, so that I always speak holy things, fiery darts of Wisdom that penetrate the hearts of those who listen to me. Anoint my mind and body to glorify you with holy thoughts, words and actions.

Divine Spirit speak to me. Speak through me, move through me, make me your instrument.

Divine flame, embrace my whole being with your burning fire. Melt the ice of my coldness and indifference. Fill me with the seraphic spirit of adoration.

Heavenly breath, breathe your presence in my whole being; Saturate me completely. Enter me. Allow me to enter You and be one with you.

Sanctifying Spirit, destroy all evil in me, erase all my iniquity. Cleanse my soul with the living water of your Grace. Destroy the aridity of my soul; transform me into a source of living water that flows for eternal life.

Spirit of Holiness; go through every cell of my body, mind and soul. Purify me and sanctify me.

Spirit of God the Father and the Son; destroy the old man in me. Make me a new man in your image, to start a new life in You; in Peace, Love and the Joy of your Presence.

Divine Helper, Consoling Spirit, help me to know and to do your Divine Will. Act in me, think in me, and manifest yourself in me.

Holy Spirit of God, possess me. Take me to your Holiness and Glory. I am your temple, live in me and do not leave me alone.

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 Treasury of Prayers - Catholic inspirations, meditations, reflexions - Come Holy Spirit 2