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Prayer for the world - Treasury of Prayers, Catholic inspirations, meditations, reflexions Prayer for the world

Author: Joseph of Jesus and Mary

Prayer for the world - Treasury of Prayers, Catholic inspirations, meditations, reflexions

Heavenly Father, Almighty God.

I humble myself before your Presence, I ask you to forgive me my sins and the sins of the whole world.

Father, we have offended you, our ancestors have offended you and we all continue to offend you daily. Lord have Mercy.

Lord my God, I repent of my sins and the sins of the whole world. Forgive us Lord for breaking your commandments; forgive us Lord for not listening to your Word. Lord my God, with shame I present to you the state of this poor humanity as I implore your Mercy and compassion.

Lord I am so sorry to confess the sins of the whole world, we are guilty Lord, we have insulted you with our pride, and we have defied you with our sins.

Lord I deplore to see how this humanity is immersed in atheism, but has so many false gods.

Lord I see how children have turned against parents because they try to teach them what is right, I see rebellion in children, young people and grown ups.

Crime is on the increase in every city throughout the world, all laws are

despised and your laws are totally ignored. There is corruption even inside governments and most people will do evil at the cost of others.

Lord there is no love, no faith and no conscience.

You have asked us to keep Sundays your holy day, but not even Christians put this into effect, Sunday is a day of entertainment and total forgetfulness of you, our Creator. Only a few remember you and obey your laws.

Lord, as I look around, I see how this humanity has become very evil. I see how life has lost its value, human life is destroyed even in its most vulnerable state inside the womb by the sin of abortion and countless horrible experiments destroy human embryos and ignore the gift of life in that humble stage. The gift of human life is controlled by contraceptives, sterilization and mutilation. New life is unwelcome while the elderly run the risk of having their lives cut short by euthanasia, which is so widely accepted.

The sacred sacrament of matrimony is desecrated with so many impure relationships outside marriage and with so many impurities, sexual aberrations and homosexuality.

Women are being raped, children are being molested and sexually abused, property is being stolen or destroyed, people are being robbed or exploited, deceit and malice is everywhere.

People have become very selfish, they only think about themselves and ignore the cry of the poor, the pain of the sick, the hunger of those starving, the cold and frustrations of the homeless, the despair of those suffering.

The poor are being oppressed more and more so that they will always get poorer and poorer, the weak are being abused and the marginalized can scarcely live.

There is injustice in the land, the rich seem to be always favored and prosperous, the poor donít have jobs and there is not enough food on many tables in the world.

Hatred has made nations fight other nations, envy has corrupted many hearts, passions have destroyed many lives, lust has perverted souls and caused separations and divorce. Impurity, violence and entertainment seem to be the only means of pleasure for many human beings.

There is no pleasure in doing good, in helping others, in respecting you our God, because the whole world seems to be hypnotized by the media.

Impurity, sin, violence and corruption is glamorized and brought into every home every day and night through television, but no one complains.

People are too busy in their own personal worlds to really care for others. No one is prepared to obey the commandment of Jesus, love one another as I have loved you, or to follow the golden rule: do unto others, as you would like them to do to you.

We are breaking your commandments Lord; please have mercy on us.

Lord as I look around, I understand that you are bringing us before your justice, I see many things happening that indicate your just anger.

You have let nature take its course and we see devastation everywhere.

The fields donít yield their crops, droughts affect many areas of the world, floods are showing their devastating force, winds are howling with fury and cause havoc in many areas, the ozone layer is broken and ultraviolet light is causing cancer to many people, horrible diseases like aids, cancers and strange diseases are multiplying causing many deaths.

Bush fires are destroying large forests, rivers are contaminated, fishes are dying, many animal species are disappearing.

Even young children now complain about stress related diseases, people have no peace, they are very irritable, happiness is very hard to find.

Human beings are always designing new war weapons, we hear of one war here, another there and there is always the threat of another world war, this time involving nuclear and chemical weapons.

We have seen how terrorists are capable of destroying many lives in seconds, how some are willing to commit suicide in order to hurt or kill others.

Lord, there is no peace in this world, all these evil things are happening because we deserve them, we have turned our backs to you and now we are paying the consequences.

Lord of Holiness, Mercy, Kindness and Patience, please have mercy on us. Release de superpowers of your Spirit and in the name of Jesus deliver us from the evil spirits that surround us.

Spare us O Lord, grant us the fire of the Holy Spirit to purify us, fill our hearts with repentance and contrition, show us the way back to you, save us.

Lord, donít look at our sins but at the faith of your Church, we ask you to have Mercy on the whole world in the holy name of Jesus your Son who died crucified for our sins.

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