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Holy Eucharist - Eucharistic prayers, St. Basil the Great                               Partaking of the Holy Mysteries
St. Basil the Great

O Lord my God, I thank you for not rejecting me, a sinner, and for deeming me worthy to be a partaker of Your Holy Mysteries.

I thank you for having allowed me, unworthy though I am, to be a partaker of Your most pure and heavenly Gifts.

O Lord and Lover of Mankind, You died and rose again for our sake, and gave us these awesome and life-giving Mysteries for the good of our body and the sanctification of our soul.

Grant that they serve to heal my body and soul, and that they set to flight every foe.

Enlighten the eyes of my heart, give peace to the powers of my mind, inspire me with faith, with a sincere love and deep wisdom, and with obedience to Your commandments.

May these Mysteries increase Your divine grace in me and make me an inhabitant of your kingdom.

Being preserved in Your holiness by them, I will remember Your love at all times. From now on, I will not live for myself, but for You, my Lord and Benefactor.

Thus, having spent my earthly life in the hope of life without end, I will one day reach eternal rest where the sound of rejoicing never ceases, and where the delight of those who look upon the beauty of Your Face has no bounds.

For You, Christ our God, are truly the object of our desire and the inexpressible joy of those who love You, and all creatures glorify You, now and ever and forever. Amen.


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