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Holy Eucharist - Eucharistic prayers, St. Basil the Great                               Thanksgiving prayer
St. Basil the Great

O Master, Christ our God, King of Ages, Maker of all things; I thank You for all the favors You have granted me, and for having given me Your pure and life-giving Mysteries.

I pray You, O gracious God who loves Mankind, keep me under Your protection and under the shadow of Your wings; grant that, until my last breath, I may worthily receive Your Holy Mysteries with a clear conscience for the remission of my sins and for life everlasting.

For You are the Bread of Life, the Fountain of Holiness, and the Provider of Graces, and we glorify You together with Your Father, and Your Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen.


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The Holy Eucharist >> Eucharistic prayers - St. Basil the Great