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Holy Eucharist - Eucharistic prayers, St. Thomas Aquinas                                Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament
St. Thomas Aquinas

Oh Most Holy Jesus, who are truly hidden here; grant me to desire ardently, to search prudently, to know truly and to carry out perfectly in praise and glory of your holy name everything that pleases you.

Command, Oh my God, the state of my life; grant that I may know what you want and that I carry out what is proper and needed for my soul.

Grant me, Oh Lord my God, that I never fail between prosperities and adversities, so that I donít become proud in the ones nor dejected in the other.

That I may not have joy nor sorrow, except from what takes me to You, or takes me away from You. That I desire to please or displease no one except You.

May all transitory things be vile to me, but very precious the eternal ones.

May I dislike, Lord, all joy without You, and may I not be ambitious about anything outside of You. And may become pleasant to me any work for You, and disgusting my rest without You.

Give me Oh my God, that I may lift my heart to You frequently and with fervour, that I do everything with love, that I take for dead anything that does not belong to your service, that I donít do things out of routine but referring them to You with devotion.

Make me Oh Jesus, my love, my life; obedient without contradiction, poor without going low, chaste without corruption, patient without dissipation, mature without affliction, diligent without inconsistency, fearful of You without desperation, true without bending, make that I practice what is good without presumption, that I correct my neighbor without pride, that I build with words and deeds without falsehood.

Give me Oh Lord my God, a vigilant heart that does not go away from You for a curious thought; give me a noble heart that does not deviate for any sinister intention, give me a firm heart that does not break for any tribulation, give me a free heart that will not be dominated by any violent passion.

Grant me Oh Lord my God, understanding to know You, diligence to search for You, wisdom to find You, behavior that You will be pleased with, perseverance that hopefully will wait for you, and hope, that finally will embrace You.

Grant that I may be afflicted by sorrows here as penance, and in the way of my life I use your benefits for grace, and that in Heaven be happy with your joys for glory.

Lord, You that live and reign, God forever and ever. Amen.


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