Treatment against Covid 19 Delta Lambda Epsilon, Omicron, Flurona, etc

Treatment against Covid 19 Delta Lambda Epsilon, Omicron, Flurona, etc

Emergency kit to treat covid 19 and its variants Delta, Lambda, Epsilon, Omicron, Flurona, etc

Four battle fronts against the covid 19 virus

1 First covid viral front

2 Second covid coagulation front-Warnings

3 Third front Covid inflammation

4 Covid infection front



Quick list of medicines for covid 19

Treatment against Covid 19 Delta Lambda Epsilon, Omicron, Flurona, etc

Emergency kit to treat COVID 19 and its variants delta, lambda, epsilon, etc.

Given the certainty that sooner or later we will face this virus, it is necessary to be prepared. There are those who get vaccinated and those who do not, remember that the virus can also infect the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.
The important thing is to have something to counteract it. If quick measures are not taken against the symptoms, apart from becoming transmitters of the virus, we run the risk of reaching a point of low oxygenation when treatment in an ICU is imminent, which can end in intubation and easily in death.
Home treatments are used to treat the virus but take longer to be effective, if they are effective they usually manifest in about two or three weeks, if they fail they can lead the person to end up being hospitalized due to low oxygen saturation in the body and breathing difficulties.
Several effective treatments for COVID have been shown, not necessarily following WHO protocols. Among them is Chlorine Dioxide that is mixed with water and taken between meals, and can be enough to cleanse the body of the virus.
The problem is that it is a difficult product to obtain and is condemned by most health departments in most countries. More about this wonderful product in another statement.

Four fronts in the battle against the covid 19 virus and its variants

Examining the normal action of the virus, we have 4 fronts to combat it if we do it from the first symptoms that appear, the following treatments are quite effective and can save us from death.

Treatment against Covid 19 Delta Lambda Epsilon, Omicron, Flurona, etc1 First viral front. We must attack the virus with an anti viral. The most effective and recommended by the WHO is Remdesivir (Veklury), however the cost per 5-day treatment can cost US 3,000 (Only for the rich)
Now, this is only the first front of attack against the virus and even so clotting, inflammation and infection should be confronted separately.
Fortunately, there are other low-cost antivirals. Hydroxychloricine 200mg to take a daily tablet during the days of treatment, cost in Colombia 48,000 pesos approximately 15 US
Ivermectin 6mg can also be used with an approximate cost of 2 US or 8000 colombian pesos , it can be administered by drops according to the weight of the person. It can be used preventively by using it once a month.

2 Second front Coagulation. The virus has the peculiar effect of blood clotting, which causes thrombosis in different parts of the body and at the same time causes breathing difficulties.
On this front, we must attack the virus with anticoagulants, such as Naproxen 250mg once a day, although Naproxen causes intestinal discomfort and can increase blood pressure. Then it can be substituted for Ibuprofen 600mg to take two pills a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You can also take Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic acid 100 mg) twice a day. These medicines are of low value, total for the treatment 3 US let's say 10,000 Colombian pesos.
It should be noted that these drugs also act as anti-inflammatories in a minor way to counteract the effects of the virus. More concentrated anti-inflammatory action on the next front.
Warnings. The above anticoagulant medicines are not recommended for people allergic to aspirin or Naproxen, or for people with a history of ulcers. These medicines can cause bleeding.
Bowel irration may be controlled by using Zantac (Ranitidine), available without prescription.

3 Third front Inflammation. The coagulant viral attack causes inflammation throughout the body, hence the fatigue associated with the virus. On this front, anti-inflammatory medicines should be taken, corticosteroids are recommended that are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, allergies and many other conditions but that are vital in the recovery of the body from the Covid attack.
Dexamethasone 0.75 mg a daily tablet or 3 Dexamethasone 8 mg injections, one applied every two days. Treatment should not last more than eight days
You can also use the 75mg Meloxicam to take one tablet daily for the duration of the treatment, which should not be more than 8 days.
Remember that Ibuprofen can also assist as anti-inflammatory and is available without prescription

4 Infection Front. Infection occurs in association with clotting, since many cells are deprived of oxygen and this causes infection.
The best antibiotic for this type of infection is Azithromycin 500 which comes in sachets of 3 tablets or capsules, one tablet is taken daily for about 5 or 6 days while the symptoms of the disease pass.

Comments on this covid 19 treatment

This is all the necessary treatment to combat Covid 19 or any of its variants in its early state.
Consult your doctor and get these medicines to have them on hand before the virus arrives.
Self-medication is not recommended, however like this in a case of life or death, it is better not to hesitate too much and take action. Each one is responsible for his life, the last authority is our survival.

Home treatments against the virus

It is important to understand that home remedies with home remedies serve to alleviate symptoms and in many cases have been sufficient in the company of other easily accessible drugs such as Ibuprofen and aspirin.
But the most important thing is to start them in the initial stages of the virus, otherwise they are a waste of time.
Additional home treatments to relieve symptoms
1 Drink with garlic, ginger, lemon and honey. Understanding that garlic is an antibiotic and fights against infection, ginger plays the anti-inflammatory role and honey serves as an anti-inflammatory and at the same time as an antibiotic.
2 Drink moringa or use moringa capsules. This medicine is a tremendous anti-inflammatory and helps fight infection. Its action is not scientifically proven but it has been shown to help many people during that pandemic. For best efficacy against covid it should be combined with other alternative medicines.


This is not a medical opinion that will save your life, it is the result of research by several scientists who are struggling to find the solution to this deadly virus.
The use of the medicines recommended on this website is made in an effort to provide information that can save you, and is not a guarantee of recovery, nor is it an official opinion, use them at your own risk.
However, let us remember the word of God Hosea 4 verse 6 My people perish for lack of knowledge.
Thanks to these recommendations, and to the understanding of how this virus works and how it should be fought from these aforementioned fronts, several people have recovered their health.

List of drugs against covid 19

In summary, this is the treatment that can be done in the initial stages of the virus and that has produced results:
1 Antiviral - Treat it with Hydroxychloroquine 200mg once a day
2 Anticoagulant - Ibuprofen 600 or Aspirin 100mg 2 daily
3 Anti inflammatory - Dexamethasone .75mg or Meloxicam 15mg Take one daily (use a single brand, either do the same anti-inflammatory effect)
4 Antibiotic Azithromycin 500mg for 5 or 6 days. Box of three tablets. Take one daily

Additionally it is advisable to use
1 Ivermectin at the beginning of treatment, one drop per kilo of the person's weight. It can be used once a month for prevention.
2 Zinc Sulfate 20 mg a target to strengthen the immune system.

Additional home treatments to relieve symptoms
1 Drink with garlic, ginger, lemon and honey
2 Drink moringa or use moringa capsules
3 Oregano oil, or oregano drinks

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