Best way to ask God to help us

We all know we have so much to ask and so little to give in return. God is our very rich Father who has infinite power and goodness, therefore He takes care of us.
Most of the time we take it for granted and do a quick prayer to ask God for the things we want.

We all work very hard and are always tired to take time for our prayers, but this exactly what God wants in return for His great goodness. PRAYER

So Prayer is the way. It is like if we need to contact someone far away and we just get the phone and start talking. Likewise, God is very attentive to our prayers, but we must dedicate a special time for this, when we come reverently to the Author of Life and start asking.

But even then, we must think that just asking (one way communication) is not the right thing to do, we must give something to God. And you might say what can we give to God who has everything?

Well, we must thank Him all the time for all the things we receive, such as life, health, family, job, fun, etc. Besides we must ponder the greatness of God and must come to Him with humility, praise and adoration. All these things guarantee that we can build a very solid relationship with God.

So to ask God, we should first give, we should offer Him our lives in thanksgiving, praise, adoration and live as a living sacrifice to the great God who has created us.
In doing so, we will have the humility to approach God with confidence and receive what we pray for.

I suggest you read Treatise on Prayer 

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  1. Hebrews 13:6
    So we say with confidence: “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

    It is evident that, God desires to help all his children. I feel so good coming to my Heavenly Father to experience his loving help.

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