About the author

The author of this book Power from above, is also the author of "Messages from Jesus, Mary and the God the Father" and "The Holy Gospels explained by Jesus."

He is a Catholic person who went through the process of a re-conversion into the Catholic faith. The experiences with the Holy Spirit began in 1993, many of them are related in the book of messages, the author is still receiving messages, mostly before or after Holy Communion, not in the way of apparitions but through interior locutions.

As a result of his conversion, this father of three children, residing in Sydney Australia assumed the name Joseph of Jesus and Mary in thanksgiving to God for his gifts.

These spiritual experiences lived by Joseph have been submitted to a spiritual director for analysis, and they have been found to be free from doctrinal errors. They echo the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and confirm the teachings of the Catholic Church. They disclose the spiritual reality of every person, the closeness we have to God.

The Lord himself wants this work to be published and known, it is available to anyone of any religion or faith who wants to know God in an intimate way.

Power from above - Holy Spirit miracles is a book giving witness of the power of God. Several miracles are listed to reinforce the faith of the readers. Pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment and guidance.

This work is a simple path to a deeper conversion and to a life in Christ. The messages received by the author changed completely his life, they have also touched many people in the Work of God Apostolate, including persons who received miracles from Our Lord as a result of prayers of intercession.

More works by the same author include prayers of inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the Treasury of Prayers. Available at the website.

Let us allow God to work in our lives, since this is really "The Work of God"

Joseph of Jesus and Mary

Power from above - Holy Spirit miracles