Holy Spirit miracles - Power of God - Power from above
Some miracles to give Glory to God
Holy Spirit miracles - Power of God - Power from above List

These miracles have taken place as a testimony of the great power of God. To Him all the praise, the honor and the glory.

Most of the time, I  (Joseph of Jesus and Mary) like to pray in the company of more people, normally my wife, I ask people to agree on the prayers for healing, since the Lord says (Matthew 18:20) For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them. I also ask them to agree about the petitions being made (Matthew 18:19) Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.

I always give a short testimony about some miracles that the Lord has done for us in order to increase the faith of those who listen, I always refer to some passages of the gospels to remind people that the miracles come from Jesus, I always pray through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I like to spend some time with the person asking for a miracle and have a talk about miracles before proceeding, then I like to anoint them with oil before asking for a miracle. But many miracles have occurred after prayers done over the phone.  Some miracles have been about physical healing, others have been about conversions or spiritual healings, others about deliverance from evil spirits, others about petitions for jobs, court cases or any other problems.

The list is long, but I am only documenting a few of them. The Lord has been truly present with his power. Glory to God!

A man aged 53, with Leukemia
In the company of my wife I went to a Hospital to pray for this dying man whose name is Guillermo, he was having more than two dialysis treatments every week, the body was not accepting the new blood transfusions, his platelets were down, his skin was breaking up, the doctors gave him a week to live. 

We prayed over him, anointed him with blessed oil and gave him a green scapular. Three days later he began to recover, within a week he left hospital and went home. Two weeks later he called me up and said that he felt very good, he was taking some medicine but the doctors were amazed at his unusual recovery. He had been very week, but now he was going to take his sister around Sydney in his car. She had come to Australia because he was going to die and she actually came for the funeral.

Praise God! This was a wonderful miracle, the first of many to come.

A woman who was supposed to have a bypass
This woman, whose name is María, from East Timor came to me during mass and asked me to pray for her. She was due to have bypass surgery, she was only 42 and had several children. We started praying for her, I laid my hands on her, later I placed my right hand on her chest over the heart. She started boiling, she felt a lot of heat and so did I. She went home very happy about the prayer.

Two weeks later she went to the hospital to have the operation, but on examination she was found to be perfectly okay. The doctor said that she had a very strong heart, he didn't know how she had recovered. She told him about the prayers.

Later on she came to us, very grateful for the miracle that had taken place.

Praise God. The power from above visited us. 

A boy aged 9 with a brain tumor
His name was Dillon, his grandmother use to attend our Cenacle prayer group on Monday nights. One day she came to tell me that Dillon who was now living in Queensland was very sick. He was playing at school and collapsed, he was taken to the Hospital where they diagnosed him with a brain tumor. She asked me to pray for Him because he was going to have an operation the following week and the doctors had warned of the consequences. He could have brain damage that could give him a paralysis or something very bad.

We prayed over Mrs. Cooley for Dillon her grandson. The following week we were preparing ourselves for the prayer meeting in the Church when she came in screaming and very excited, she said It's a miracle Joseph.

The doctors took Dillon to the operating room, but after some scans and tests they discovered that the tumor had disappeared. It was a miracle!

Praise God, even the local priest who didn't  believe in miracles admitted the miracle and published it in the local bulletin.

Praise God!

A lady aged 74 who suffered asthma
Mrs. Carruana used to come to our prayer meetings. Suddenly she stopped coming. One Sunday morning after mass, I saw her as we were leaving the Church at the end of the Holy Mass. She told me that she regretted not to come to the cenacles anymore because she was suffering from asthma. I embraced her and held her hand while I was praying for a miracle. People were going out of the Church, my prayer lasted not more than two minutes.

The following Monday night she came to the prayer meeting and told me that she was cured, the asthma symptoms had disappeared and she was feeling fantastic.
Another miracle to the Glory of God!

A man with ringing sound in his ear
This Chinese man rang me up on Monday night and said that a nun that I knew had given him my phone number. He was desperate with this ringing in his ear and sometimes he could not concentrate. He had the problem for several years and wanted a prayer.

I told him that I would like to pray over him on the weekend because I was very busy that week. I told him that I would like to lay my hands on him personally and anoint him with oil. I told him that in the meantime I would say a short prayer for him anyway.

Three days later I received a call from Sister Anne, who told me that the fellow had been cured, that he had called her very happy about the miracle.

Praise God! Another miracle, and there was no body contact, I simply extended my hands over him while I was talking on the phone.

A lady with painful shingles
Her name was María Erneda, she was a friend of the family and occasionally she came to our spanish prayer group. She told us that she had this disease, we went to see her the same day and prayer over her. Her shingles dried up the same week and she reported to continue in good health.

Praise the Lord, another miracle!

My wife was cured before my eyes
My wife had very bad eyesight, she had to wear glasses to read and to drive, she had distorted vision in one eye. When she looked at the stars she would see a lot of lines in the sky. We had prayed several times for her vision to be healed.

One evening, we had come back from a pilgrimage and she asked me once more to pray for her problem. She asked me to pray through the intercession of Padre Pío, now Saint Pio. I agreed to pray and layed my hands on her, I asked her to have great faith, I prayed for about five minutes.

At the end of the prayer she opened her eyes and exclaimed, This room seems to be bigger and brighter, the colors are clearer to me now. Then we went to the balcony and she looked at the stars, she could see them clearly.

We knelt down, we praised and thank God for such a miracle. It actually happened as I prayed.

Praise God!

A lady with pain cured over the phone
Besides my healing ministry where I pray and lay hands on people, I also learned physiotherapy and chriropractic. I used to visit an old lady who had lumps all over her body, they were very painful. I would go sometimes and pray for her and give her a massage to relieve her pain.
One day she rang me up at one o'clock and said, Joseph please come urgently, I am in pain, I need a massage and some prayers. I told her that I was about to leave to a prayer group on that Saturday afternoon, I said, I will come tonight, but in the meantime I will say a short prayer over the phone.

I said may prayer and told her to wait patiently until the evening. When I arrived at 7 p.m., she jokingly opened the door and said, you'd better go back home, I don't need you anymore. After you hang up the phone the pain left me and I am feeling perfectly all right.

We thanked God. Miracles happen so quickly when we have faith.

My uncle is cured of shingles over the phone
I called my family overseas, they told me that my uncle Abelardo had a severe case of shingles and was in a lot of pain. I spoke to him and he agreed to have a prayer over the phone, I prayed for a few minutes.

The following week I called the family again and they told me that my uncle had recovered completely, the shingles had dried up and he had no more pain.

Glory to God! Thank you Lord for allowing the power from above manifest down here. You are worthy of praise and thanksgiving constantly by all your creation.

A lady accused of theft does not go to jail
This lady was a widow, she had a daughter in high school and had to do cleaning jobs to make a living. She was having many financial problems so she made a false declaration to the government in order to get welfare money.

After several years the Australian government found out that the lady was working and was illegally claiming welfare benefits. They were going to charge her for stealing money from the government, she could go to prison or pay all the money back.

She called us crying and explained the situation. We prayed for her and asked the Lord to have mercy on the poor widow, to be the judge on her trial.

She went finally to court and explained the reasons why she had to ask for welfare money she was not entitled to. Well, the Lord must have been the judge, because she was totally exonerated and only had to pay a fine of $ 80 dollars.

She put all her trust in God and the result was a miracle. Thank you Lord for listening to our prayers. Miracles of all kinds come to us from the mercy of God. Praise the Lord!

An unbeliever lady, has a miracle for her daughter
I used to go on Saturday afternoons to different houses to take part in a prayer group called Maria Rosa Mystica. This group was mainly a phillipino prayer group.
I noticed that whenever we prayed, one lady would go outside and miss the prayers, she would go to the backyard to smoke, but she always came back at the end when they served dinner.

So we went to this house one day and it was raining, that lady had to stay indoors. During the prayers I gave testimony of the miracles that the Lord could give us if we had faith. At the end, the Lady came to me  and asked me to pray for her daughter who was aged 3, she said that the little girl had been suffering from asthma since she was a baby, she always had to use a hand held inhaler to giver her relief.
I explained to her that she had to have faith, that it would be good if she could take part in the prayer meetings and then I prayed over the little girl.

A few days later, I learned through a common friend that the little girl was cured, she didn't have to use the inhaler anymore and the mother was very pleased.

Glory to God!

A girl aged 15 cured of a heart problem
We had a friend who had a granddaughter suffering from a heart problem, the doctors said she had a hole in the heart and needed urgent surgery. We promised to go personally and do the prayers for her granddaughter, but we never organized a date for a visit. So a few days before the operation, Gloria the mother of the girl contacted us and asked for prayers because her daughter was going to be hospitalized the following day for the required surgery. We prayed over the phone.
My wife and I started to pray for the girl, we gave testimony of the power of God and asked her to have faith. We did the prayers and left her in the hands of God.
A week later the mother rang and told us that when the girl went to have the operation, the doctor was upset believing that he had the wrong records for that patient, he declared that the girl was in perfect heart health, opposite to what the x rays and scans were saying.

Gloria the mother of the girl rang us up to give testimony of the miracle that had occurred.
We all rejoiced about the power of God that is present when we have faith. Praise God!

Thank you Lord.
Joseph of Jesus and Mary

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