Holy Spirit miracles - Power of God - Power from above

Holy Spirit miracles - Power of God - Power from above, Praying for miracles Praying for miracles
Miracles are very real, but we must pray with great faith in order to obtain them. We must visualize that our prayers are already answered before we finish them, this is why we should thank the Heavenly Father before we ask for anything. When something is very important, we pray for a miracle.

Jesus looked up to Heaven and thanked the Heavenly Father before He asked for the miracle of the loaves [Matthew 15:36], He also thanked the Heavenly Father before the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus [John 11:41-42].

Miracles occur when we proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven and then we pray with thanksgiving, this to confirm the words of our Lord " And going, preach, saying: The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils: freely have you received, freely give. " [Matthew 10:7-8]

[Mark 16:16-20]
16 He that believes and is baptised, shall be saved: but he that believes not shall be condemned.
17 And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they shall cast out devils: they shall speak with new tongues.
18 They shall take up serpents; and if they shall drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them: they shall lay their hands upon the sick, and they shall recover.
19 And the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven, and was seated at the right hand of God.
20 But they going forth preached every where: the Lord working withal, and confirming the word with signs that followed.

Miracles have occurred since the time of the resurrection of Our Lord when we ask God the Father in the name of Jesus. [John 15:16] or when we ask Jesus in His Holy Name too [John 14:13-14].

Many saints have prayed and miracles have occurred by the power of God. No one has power to perform miracles because all power comes from God, of course we live in the confusing times of the Anti Christ when the enemy is causing false miracles to deceive many who refuse to love the truth about Jesus Christ, who is the Son of the Living God [2 Thessalonians 2:9-10].

We receive our healing only through the wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ who took upon Himself the punishment due for our sins [1 Peter 2:24], He bore our sicknesses and deceases. We should always ask for a miracle by the power of His holy wounds, by his sufferings and pain and by the merits of His Holy Passion and death, likewise we can ask our petitions through the merits of the holy tears of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It is the holiest of devotions to venerate the passion of Our Lord Jesus, which we can offer to God the Father in the Holy Mass, we can also meditate on the Passion of Our Lord separately and on His Divine Mercy, we can also venerate Our Lady in her sorrows.

All these devotions honor the Love of God for us, and they contribute to our thanksgiving to God who will answer our prayers.

Mary the Holy Mother of God has caused many miracles at the sites of her apparitions, there are more than 64 documented miracles about Our Lady of Lourdes, many miracles at Fatima and others.

Through the Blessed Virgin Mary's intercession we can pray for miracles, with the assurance that the mother of God will intercede as Mediatrix of all Graces and that our prayers will be answered just as She interceded for the first miracle of Our Lord in Cana. [John 2:1-11] We can also ask through the intercession of the saints since many miracles have occurred that way too.

We are encouraged to pray for miracles because this is the ultimate test of our faith, miracles come as testimonies of the power of God through prayers of intercession.

The Work of God Apostolate has been favoured with several miracles since 1998. We have a section of prayers and petitions.

Our Apostolate continues through prayer groups, where we have prayed and received healings of leukemia, cancer, asthma, depression, back problems, brain tumours, ear problems, eye problems, etc.

As well as these miracles the Lord has brought many people back to the Sacraments, some have received healings of their relationships and there are many more miracles than we are not aware of, since the Lord is very happy to answer prayers from the heart.

It is very sad to see that not everyone gives Glory to His Name when they are healed. When we receive an answer to our prayers, we must bow down in adoration and thanksgiving, we must not be like the ungrateful nine lepers who were healed and did not come back to thank the Lord [Luke 17:12-19]

Holy Spirit miracles - Power from above Praying for miracles
Holy Spirit miracles - Power of God - Power from above

Author: Joseph of Jesus and Mary

Holy Spirit miracles - Power of God - Power from above     Holy Spirit miracles - Power of God - Power from above, If today you hear his word, harden not your heart.

Holy Spirit miracles - Power of God - Power from abovePraying for miracles