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Q What happens after a make a payment?
A A receipt will be sent to you. You will come to a page where you verify your payment. When you finish the transaction you will have the option to send yourself the PIN number and a download link.
Q I paid for my e-book, I got my receipt but I never got the download information and pin number
A First try looking in your Junk email folder, the information may be there. If not successful, then try login into our database, your information will be there. Any problems, please  
Q How do I install the e-book
A When you receive the download information in your inbox, you simply click on the link to download the installation program. You have the option to download the program to your computer or to start the installation online.
Once you finish installation the e-book will open up, then you click the "Register" button and enter your email address and the pin number. That's it. You can click the button "Home" to start reading.
Q I lost my pin number / I didn't download
A You may find the PIN number in the database if it has been registered, simply login and find PIN. You may send the PIN by email to your inbox, you can also download from that page.
Q What happens when the e-book is registered?
A The registration button disappears and you have will have access to all pages. You don't need to have a connection to the Internet to use your e-book.
Q I don't like to buy on the Internet. Or I don't have a credit card to make the payment, how can I buy the book?
A Use alternative payment method >>
Q My question is not listed here.


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