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Saint Anthony of Padua Saint Anthony of Padua

Anthony came from a wealthy family, his parents wanted him to be a great nobleman, but for the sake of Christ he gave up riches and became a  Franciscan priest.

Anthony was a man of a pure heart, the child Jesus appeared to Him, embraced him and kissed him. He always kept that purity of soul.
Anthony was very humble, one day he was asked to preach and he did it in such extraordinary way, that he was asked to travel as a missionary and to preach the gospel. His sermons attracted big crowds, many were converted by his words.

He is called the Wonder worker, one of the most beloved of saints. His images and statues are found everywhere. He is a Doctor of the Church. The remains of his body are kept in Padua, his tongue was preserved incorruptible as a sign of God for the purity of his words.


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Saint Anthony of Padua