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Saint Bernadette

She was the oldest of six children in the very poor family of Francois and Louise Casterot.

On 11 February 1858, around the time of her first Communion, she was gathering firewood with her sisters when a beautiful lady appeared to her in a cave. She appeared a total of 18 times.

During the apparitions Bernadette was persecuted by the authorities and also by her family. Before the last apparition the Lady said to her " I am the Immaculate Conception" ,she asked her to pray for sinners and to have a Chapel built near the grotto.  After the last apparition a spring  of miraculous waters sprang from the ground.

A great basilica was built in that place, where millions of pilgrims honor Our Lady every year.

Bernadette became a nun and died at the age of thirty six, her body remains incorrupt.

Saint Bernardette


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Saint Bernardette